Africana Bulk SMS Manager

ABSM Can Manage Your Contacts, Create SMS Template, Send Single SMS, Schedule SMS, Send Bulk SMS, Send Product Promo SMS, Wish Your Contacts’ Birthday Etc. Using Africana Bulk SMS Manager (ABSM) Helps You Connect With Your Customers In A Smarter Way. ABSM Has Built-in Support For SMS Gateways To Over 150 Countries.With ABSM You Can Use A Custom Name As The Sender ID Instead Of A Phone Number For Your Outbound Messages In 150 Countries.

Key Features : Africana Bulk SMS Manager

Africana Bulk SMS Manager Tool.

SMS Gateway Support

Built-in Support For SMS Gateways To Support Sms Sending To Popular Network Providers In 150 Countries.

Bulk SMS Sending

You Can Send Bulk SMS To Your Contacts With Attachment And Custom Designed Templates.

Scheduled SMS Sending

You Can Set Scheduled SMS Campaign To Send SMS Later To Your Contacts.

Birthday Wish SMS

You Can Send Birthday Wishes Via SMS To Your Contacts On Their Birthday Using ABSM.

Detailed features

Africana Bulk SMS Manager Is A Platform To Provide You The Facility To Manage Your Contacts, Send Them Bulk SMS And Birthday Wishes.


Dashboard consists of recent activities of all users and admin's.

User management

You can add,edit or delete your users from Usermanagement option.

Sender ID Management

It Has Feature To Set Your Own Custom Sender Id To Show In Customer Inbox Instead Of Mobile Number.

Contact management

You can create,edit,delete and also export/import your contacts.

SMS Gateway Support

It Has Support For Outbound SMS To 150 Countries .

SMS Template Management

It Will Provide You To Create SMS Template.

Bulk SMS Sending

It Has The Facility To Send Bulk SMS To Contacts.

Scheduled SMS Sending

It Has The Facility To Send Scheduled SMS.

Birthday Wish SMS

It has the facility to send birthday wished to the contacts on their birthday.

SMS Report

You Will Be Able To See The Created SMS Campaign Reports.

ABSM Native APIs

It has native API by which developers can integrate it’s facilities with another app.

Multilingual Support

It has built-in support for 11 different Languages.


Send SMS


Sending SMS Using Africana Bulk SMS Manager. You can send Bulk/scheduled SMS to your contacts.

Set SMS Sender ID

Set SMS Custom Sender ID Instead Of Phone Number E.g (Africana) Instead Of A Mobile Number Like +260968014011

Create SMS Template

Create SMS Temaplates To Use In Sms Campaign.

Create & Send SMS

Create & send your SMS to your contact.

SMS History

See the history at SMS history.

About Our Tool


Powerful And Complete Smart Bulk SMS Tool

Africana Bulk SMS Manager - Powerful And Complete Smart Bulk SMS Tool

You Can Manage Your Contacts, Create SMS Template, Send SMS, Schedule SMS, Wish Your Contacts’ Birthday Etc Using Smart SMS & (ABSM) In A Smarter Way.

ABSM Has Built-in Support For World’s Most Popular SMS Gateways.

It’s A Multi-user SaaS Application And Designed In A Way So That Each User Can Have Independent Environment. Users Will Have Their Own SMS Gateways And Will Manage Their Own SMS As Well As Bills.

Use Awesome Services In Your Own Language. ABSM Now Has Built-in Support For 11 Languages And You Can Add New Language Easily.

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